Principal's Welcome!

Hello, everyone?

Welcome to the Home page of the Young Hoon Elementary School.

Young Hoon Elementary School was established in 1965 by the late President Kim Younghoon of the school, under the ideology of General Lee Sunsin during the Joseon Dynasty. Since the foundation, Young Hoon Elementary School has changed in a better way to produce real leaders of the future, who live a diligent and cooperative life with true and positive ideas.

In 1986, the School introduced the western model of Informal Education and developed it into the Open Education model which you see today at Y.H. This model, we believe better suits the children of Korea today. Based on this model, Y.H. Elementary is performing an English Immersion Programwhich is epoch-making in Korea preparing our students to think and live globally

Through this Home Page, I would like to show you the various aspects of our school. I hope you enjoy our Home Page and your continued interest and suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you very much.
Cho Hyo Sook


Dear Parents:
Welcome to Young Hoon Immersion Schooi, a school where the focus is on the academic and social growth of the student in an atmosphere of cooperation and respect. Young Hoon is truly unique in its approach to English language acquisition. Our immersion model places students in authentic English learning situations in various subjects. The immersion core subjects of language arts, math, science and social studies emphasize language but in subject specific context that supports the Korean curriculum.

Our school's success is a testament to the skill and youthful exuberance of our faculty. Our teachers come to us from North America and beyond and work in a cooperative setting that promotes their continued professional development.
As the immersion program director it is my pleasure to welcome you to the school. I look forward to working with you and the Young Hoon community in support of our students.

Respectfully yours,

Robert Little
Immersion Program Director.
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